Zhejiang Yuda Shoe-Manufacturing Co., Ltd. invested more than 50,000,000 Yuan in Tai Lake Pearl-Si An Development Area, Changxing City to build a new base which covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters. The base contains an International standard modernized factory (nearly 15,000 square meters) and an office (3,000 square meters). Our factory is equipped with modern excellent equipment and a first-class process line. Our annual productivity is 10,000,000 pairs of slippers.
Our company was founded in 1997, and then experienced two historical stages of the development - Hangzhou Yuda Shoes Industry Limited Company and Hangzhou Yuhang Yuda Shoes Industry Limited Company. We have professional design and development ability, and we can develop several hundreds of new products per year. We are one of the largest companies that specialize in producing upscale men's and women's slippers and craft shoes.
Since founded, we have continued to pay great attention to product quality and strict management and use advanced production equipment, high quality raw materials, and modern

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